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IAN REED - Guitar, Vocals

A man. A vision. From his humble beginnings as a baby, Ian Reed took the world by storm when he became the youngest man ever to attain the title of Infant Chef Squad Captain. When he isn't playing guitar, Reed enjoys long candles on the beach and a nice game of Tunklepuck.

Likes: Fried chicken, mysteries, being loud, the drinking

Dislikes: The movie "Seven Psycopaths", the singer from Actionesse

Nickname: Beens (pronounced "beans")

Favorite Toy: Shrinky-Dinks

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PADDY MORAN - Bass, Vocals

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; and boy, does Paddy Moran have birds in spades. No stranger to the ol' runaround, Moran found an Actionesse album in the garbage, gave it a spin, and had the one thought that brought the band to where they are today: "I could exploit these guys."

Likes: Fruit snack, snack fruit, when a dog has their day

Dislikes: Eggs, self-esteem, avocado, bitter defeat at the hands of the one whom you know you've wronged

Nickname: Tronk

Favorite Toy: Action Hank's 3-in-1 Command Center with Ops Vehicle

Olivia BW Portrait.png

OLIVIA GUINN - Baritone Sax

Most people are born without the ability to whistle; however, one fateful January day, Olivia burst forth into life, whistling the finest little ditty your ears have ever heard (whooh, Lord). Although her whistling talents have gone by the wayside, it was this instinctive musical intuition that led her to her current path: lugging around an enormous, heavy brass instrument all day long. She’s ripped though.

Likes: Stanus, curry, wistful longings of the unknown

Dislikes: Beef, beef, fried scramplins, a dusty clock

Nickname: Grandma, Peggy

Favorite Toy: Blocko Brand Plastic Construction Units

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JOEL KENWORTHY - Horns, Flute, Vocals

Fueled by a potent regimen of alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco, Joel Kenworthy scrambles through Seattle's boroughs like a scalded otter, ever rushing to another gig with sax and booze strapped to his person. Exactly how many bands he holds membership with at a given moment fluctuates wildly, but for as many projects he's lent his lips to, his heart belongs with Actionesse.

Likes: HONK!ing, beer, bikes

Dislikes: Sleeping, Waiting

Nickname: Holio, Koopacat, or Unkle Fugly

Favorite Toy: Bead Tail

Actionesse Action Nest (Photo by Christine Mitchell)-8694.jpg


Born with a ravenous thirst for adventure and 1% milk, Jimmy discovered early in life that with the heart of a lion comes a lifetime ban from the Woodland Park Zoo. After some decades of mediocre origin narrative, it was through confused happenstance and grudging acceptance that Jimmy joined what would become Actionesse, after the previous iteration of the band's drummer died or something. When he isn't hidden behind the many bum-bums of his bandmates while on stage, Jimmy can be found walking around Seattle with various instruments strapped to his body or quietly unraveling in his apartment with his two cats.

Likes: A pleasant chill, the waft of the freshly ground bean

Dislikes: Scorpions that also look like spiders, congealed skin flakes in the grooves on the controller

Nickname: Jimbo, Jims, Smames, Jimmalimmadingdong

Favorite Toy: Stomp Rockets