"It's hard to find a band that hits harder in Seattle than Actionesse. Not just because they're loud or because of the anthemic, howling vocals...What really makes the four-piece work is the beastly energy they manage to harness into each performance and recording."

- KEXP (May 2018)


Post-horncore band Actionesse began as a five-piece project in early 2015, in Bellingham, WA, and is currently located in Seattle, WA. Grounded in blistering punk roots, Actionesse blends twisting, zany brass with anxious, aggressive post-hardcore. The result is both a recorded and live experience that has been described as "a more nuanced level of rock brutality" (The Stranger, March 2018) and "one of the best live shows in Seattle right now..." (Seattle Music Insider, July 2018).


After five EPs worth of loud, fast rock- and punk-oriented songs inspired by blues, latin, and funk, Actionesse found themselves yearning for growth. The band had sensed their music's lack of focus, and resented their electric nature that, while inviting to some, felt tired and directionless. Meanwhile, a heavier, darker and more angular sound was brewing in the writing room, seen in partial bloom on Actionesse's 2018 EP, 'Deep'. Yet, despite the popularity of their newly forged genre-moniker, "post-horncore", the band knew that a stronger element and a more fully-fledged version of themselves were yet to come.


Over the course of 2018, Actionesse saw a swift rise in notoriety within their local scene, and began opening for national touring acts such as Korpiklaani, Death Valley Girls, Big Business, Arkona, and Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas (in addition to packing rooms up and down the I-5 corridor in Bellingham, Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma).


“Halfway through the show, provided with ample backbone by drummer Jimmy Colven, the quartet was joined by a guest horn star on the [baritone] saxophone. What followed was life changing.”

- Dan’s Tunes (November 2018)


In the Fall of 2018, Actionesse took on a new form with addition of one of Seattle's top baritone saxophone players, Olivia Guinn (Butt Dial, Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, Filthy Femcorps). Barreling forth with rejuvenated vigor, 2019 has seen Actionesse in their boldest, rawest mode yet - with their third tour on the way, festival bookings, and the release of their debut full-length LP, 'The Deep, Bright Below', post-horncore stands to make its mark on the city of Seattle.


"Actionesse puts on one of the best live shows in Seattle right now, and they don’t do it by way of wacky outfits or fancy light shows: they do it by sheer force of intensity in both their music and their deportment.”

- Seattle Music Insider (July 2018)